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ICSIA Examiner July 2015
Kyprianos Georgiou, Editor

From the Editor

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It has now been over a month since our 3-day conference in May 2015. Three interesting days not only at the conference but also in beautiful New Orleans.  

It is now the time for our next newsletter "The Examiner". Like I mentioned in the previous edition, we will be exploring different issues that CSIs are phased with on their day-to-day investigations. In this month's edition, we will be exploring "Footwear Impressions". Throughout this newsletter, different sections are coloured in blue and underlined. If you click on these words/sentences they will open new windows with more information and details about footwear impression evidence.  

If you have any questions or comments or if you would like to contribute any articles in future newsletters, please do not hesitate to contact me through this link K.Georgiou@tees.ac.uk

Director's Letter

 Greetings Members!

It is now July and the heat of the Summer is upon us.  With that comes the increase in crime and difficult working conditions.  Stay alert and stay safe!

Since our last newsletter we have had a successful CSI Conference in New Orleans thanks to Chad Pitfield. Those that missed the experience missed a great deal of sharing information, knowledge and networking.  The internationals were well represented and it was great to see the international interest plus share their experiences with us. While we did not have the turnout we had hoped for we still had a good attendance. Twelve vendors displayed at the conference which is an increase from the 5 we had last year. The word is out, this is THE CSI conference to attend. We look forward to seeing you all again next year as well as those that could not make it this year.  MARK your calendars for May 2016. The final arrangements are being made for the location and dates so please keep an eye on the web site for additional information.

If you have an article or photographs to share with us either for the newsletter or for the ďWhite PagesĒ section of the Members only area of the web site please submit it to us for review.  The Association is only as good as the participation of the membership.  Get involved! Be active in ICSIA!

ICSIA's 2015 Conference

New Orleans, Louisiana (Jefferson Parish) 
Welcomes the 2015 ICSIA Conference.
May 19th-21st, 2015

Three wonderful days full of interesting presentations and break-out sessions related to different aspects of Crime Scene Investigation. I would formally like to thank Chad for chairing an incredible conference. Please go on ICSIA's website to view the pictures from the conference and a detailed agenda from the conference. 

Collection, preservation and analysis of footwear impressions 

The Scientific Working Group for Shoeprint and Tire Tread Evidence(SWGTREAD) is an organization formed by the FBI in the early 2000s. The mission of SWGTREAD is to provide a professional forum where forensic shoeprint and tire tread examiners can share knowledge, evaluate practices, develop standards, identify research needs and disseminate information.

Even though a direct comparison of a footwear impression and a shoe cannot identify the wearer, it can help the investigators with further enquiries for identifying the person who was wearing a particular type of shoe at a crime scene. This will then subsequently assist in identifying if the individual was at the crime scene before/during or after the crime occurred. 

SWGTREAD has developed and published a number of standards for the detection, collection and preparation of footwear impressions from various surfaces at crime scenes and in the laboratory.

On the Web 

Footwear, The Missed Evidence - This is an interesting article discussing footwear impressions and how/why they are considered to be "missed evidence".

A simplified Guide to footwear and tire track examination - This is a guide on how footwear and tire track examinations are conducted. Images, common terms and references included in this document (.pdf).

Analysis of footwear impression evidence - Another interesting approach to the analysis of footwear impressions. This project was funded by the U.S. Department of Justice. (.pdf).

Footwear Impression as Forensic Evidence - Prevalence, characteristics and evidence value - An academic study caaried out in Sweden about the analysis of footwear impressions (.pdf).

Online Training

ICSIA collaborated with the Criminal Justice Institute of the University of Arkansas to produce an online training course: Crime Scene First Responder For The Uniformed Officer



SICAR 6, in conjunction with the SoleMate footwear database, is a complete solution for the identification of shoe prints recovered from crime scenes and the management of shoe print evidence.

A sole pattern coding technique is used to characterise a shoe print. The code set is then searched for in the footwear database for matches.

Searching the SoleMate database to identify footwear is fast and simple with results being displayed in a thumbnail gallery for visual examination.

Once a suspect print has been identified, the information can be used to establish links between crimes and suspects and shared across a network of SICAR installations.

Features include:

  • Simple 'pattern coding' to characterise a shoe print.
  • Effective on full or partial shoeprints
  • Link crimes to suspects or crimes to other crimes
  • Share data across network either internally or between remote sites
  • Produce detailed reports
  • Minimal technical training required
For other footwear impressions databases by Foster and Freeman click here

Casting: Essentials

By Dick Warrington

This article originally appeared in Forensic Magazineģ October 2009, Reprinted with Permission.

Footwear and tire track evidence can be essential to your case, but itís often overlooked. In some cases, CSIs identify the evidence but assume they canít do anything with it. Weather extremes and difficult surfaces can make casting very challenging, but that doesnít mean itís impossible. In this two-part series, Iíll first review the basics of casting footwear and tire track evidence. Then in the next issue, Iíll provide an overview of techniques you can use in more difficult situations.

Read the full articlehere

The second article in the series: "Casting: Beyond the basics" can be found here 

Above photo by: John- MTSOfan on Flickr.com


Formed in 1999,Cellebrite has worked with a number of agencies world-wide. They can help in criminal investigations by analysing mobile devices, websites, cloud systems and many more.

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