ICSIA's Mission Statement

 1.  To encourage the exchange of information useful in crime scene related matters. 

          2.  To improve on the level of expertise in the field by providing timely answers through 
               membership participation. 

          3.  To provide members with articles on crime scene related matters that will improve
               their skills. 

          4.  To have a vehicle for the instant exchange of information, problems and solutions 
                based on membership feedback. 

          5.  To offer the membership reasonable training in crime scene processing by member 
                instructors through on-line training or training in the field by qualified instructors. 

          6.  To promote communication and cooperation between agencies, the forensic community
               and members. 

          7.  To offer the undergraduate or graduate student access to crime scene field personnel 
               to promote the education, training and communication skills of the student. 

          8.  To encourage product research and development amongst the forensic community
               and vendors of crime scene equipment.


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