Frank Ragains is a twenty-four year police veteran with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (M.N.P.D.).

In December 1992, Lt. Ragains graduated from Jacksonville State University with a BA in Forensics Investigations. Two weeks after his graduation, he joined the M.N.P.D. which began his professional career into law enforcement. So he would have an opportunity to learn and grow Lt. Ragains made it a point to work in precincts with distinct crime issues. Dedicating himself to his work he quickly distinguished himself and was asked to start training other officers. In 2000 he was promoted to sergeant. Soon after Lt. Ragains was invited to join the M.N.P.D.’s crime scene unit. Since his induction into this specialized unit he has been actively engaged in the processing of crime scenes and evidence.

Presently, Lieutenant Ragains manages the M.N.P.D.’s crime scene unit. One of his main functions, as the unit manager, is to insure the department’s crime scene investigators have been properly trained in the most current forensic practices. One of the ways he decided to do this was to continue his own education. With that Lt. Ragains began, and is currently working on, his Masters’ of Forensic Administration from Oklahoma State University.

This past winter Lieutenant Ragains attended an extensive ten week forensic training program at the Law Enforcement Innovation Center’s National Forensics Academy. While there he was the recipient of the Dr. William Bass Award. This award is presented to the student who demonstrates outstanding achievement in the field of forensic investigation, an esteemed recognition from his classmates for his contributions to the class.