Executive Director

Hayden B. Baldwin

Board of Directors

The ICSIA Board reports directly to the Executive Director

Daryl Clemens, Michigan

Daniel Desjardins, Arizona

Erika Di Palma, California

Christopher Hill, North Carolina

John Paolucci, New York

Chad Pitfield, Louisiana

Frank Ragains, Tennessee

Christine Smith, Texas

Regional Directors

Caribbean Director
Christopher Anderson, Jamaica

Central America Director
Lloyd Roches, Belize

South Africa Director
Nico Delport, South Africa

Newsletter Editor

Kyprianos Georgiou, United Kingdom

Assistant Editor

Kalisa Hadji-Georgiou, United Kingdom


membership@icsia.org, Texas

The purpose of the Board is to act as a unit to represent the membership in communicating to the Executive Director the ideas and suggestions of the members for the betterment of the organization.

The Executive Director will also use the Board for the discussion and critiquing of ideas for the good of the organization.