1. Must be actively employed by law enforcement
  2. Must have at least 2 years experience in crime scene processing.
  3. Must have successfully completed at least 50 hours of crime scene processing courses.
  4. Must complete the application form for certification with ICSIA.
  5. Must pass a comprehensive written examination of 100 questions.
  6. Must pass a written test of a paper mock crime scene.
  7. Must submit digital photos of a macro photography assessment.
  8. Must submit digital photos of a night crime scene.
  9. Must submit three actual crime scene cases you have personally worked.
    Each case must include:
    A.  Digital photographs of the scene
    B.  Digital photos of the evidence (FP, Tiretrack, Shoe Print, Toolmark, Bite Mark, Wounds, etc.,
    C.  A comprehensive crime scene report
    D.  A list of evidence collected
    E.  Sketch of the crime scene.
    The following are the three type of crime scenes to be submitted for assessment.

    1. Outdoor Crime Scene
    2. Indoor Crime Scene
    3. Motor vehicle crime scene
  10. An affidavit that states what you have submitted is of your own work and not that of others.

The current application fee for Certification is $50.00 USD but will increase to $100.00 as of January 1, 2018.

The process to complete the certification can be completed in as little as 2 months but the average so far is 3-6 months.

All materials submitted for certification will be done via the internet or on a CD.

We STRONGLY recommend the ICSIA Training Checklist be downloaded and reviewed. The topics covered on the 7 page checklist is the minimum knowledge and ability required to pass the written exam and sets the tone for the ability to process the crime scenes being submitted for assessment.

We also require the Certification Committee, certification@icsia.org, is contacted BEFORE you start the process for clarification and further submitting instructions.