2018 ICSIA Conference Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville Airport


Our annual forensic conference for CSIs where the “field” people can meet other CSIs and share information, ideas and techniques. Come join us!

Executive Director
Hayden B. Baldwin

Regional Directors
Christopher Anderson
Lloyd Roches
Nico Delport

Board of Directors
Daryl Clemens
Daniel Desjardins
Erika Di Palma
Christopher Hill
Chad Pitfield
Frank Ragains
Christine Smith

2018 Conference Chair
Frank Ragains

Newsletter Editor
Kyprianos Georgiou

Training, Education and Technology

2018 ICSIA Conference Embassy Suites by Hilton Nashville Airport
May 15, 16 & 17, 2018

Airport Embassy Suites
10 Century Blvd.
Nashville, Tennessee USA



3-Day: Before April 1, 2018

3-Day: After April 1, 2018

Single Day Registration







Please check back often for updates on the conference and new information.

Come join the experience of networking with others and sharing ideas with CSIs, SOCOs and Scene Examiners from around the world.

In the past conferences we have had CSIs from at least 12 different countries and 26 different states attending past conferences!

This conference is NOT open to the public. Attendees must be a member of ICSIA, in law enforcement or the forensic community or retired from it to attend the conference.

2017 ICSIA CSI Training Conference

ICSIA’s 2017 CSI Conference Photo Gallery

2017 ICSIA CSI Training Conference
Chandler, Arizona
June 6, 7 & 8, 2017

ICSIA - Crime Scene First Responder Training

ICSIA’s NEW FREE Online Course

ICSIA’s NEW FREE Online Course for Crime Scene First Responder for the Patrol Officer.

You must be in law enforcement in order to take this course. The course is hosted by Law Enforcement Learning.

The success of an investigation that involves a definable crime scene depends heavily on the initial observations and actions of the first officer to arrive at the scene. The primary purpose of this free course is to address the task of the uniformed officer on the scene of a crime. You will learn the proper procedures in protecting crime scenes, recognizing and discovering evidence, evidence potential, obtaining information, and performing a number of crucial functions in a relatively short period of time.

The first responding uniformed officer to the crime scene is the most important person of the entire case. He or she is required to multitask by being observant, rendering aide, control the scene, secure witnesses and stop the destruction or loss of evidence.

In this short course, we will review the steps involved at the scene for the uniformed first responder and demonstrate the importance of this task by actual case work. Students who complete the course will receive a certificate from the International Crime Scene Investigators Association.