Macro Photography DOF
by Hayden B. Baldwin

In macro photography DOF, Depth of Field, is extremely important in forensic photography
to assure the maximum DOF is achieved to get all of the main objective is in focus. The
examples below show the difference in the f-stop used and the results of that setting.
The larger the f-stop number then more of the object is in focus.

The ruler above was placed at about a 45 degree angle to the camera lens  to capture the images below.

Top line is f-stop and shows the progressive DOF. The greater the DOF the more of the image is in focus.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger photos.



f 11 f 16 f 16
f 22 f 32 f 57

Macro photography requires a greater DOF to ensure the fingerprint or mark on curved objects are in focus.

f 40 f 32 f 22 f 16
f 11 f 8 f 5.6 f 4

The above stick on scale is an example of why using this type of scale on a curved object requires the greatest depth of field.